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Did you miss CreditCon this year?


Here are all of the talks and breakout sessions from this year as well as all years prior.

CreditCon 2024 Las Vegas, NV

Day 1
  • Welcome Address by Matt Liistro
  • Optimize Your Growth – Raj Anderson
  • The Impact on Providing FICO Scores to Consumers for Free – Jenelle Dito
  • Entrepreneur Hussle – Justin Wilson
  • State and Federal Legislation Update – Eric Kamerath and Matt Liistro
  • Disputing Tactics – Matt Liistro
  • In Depth Credit Report Disputing – Shiva Bhaskar
  • Arbitration Training – Shiva Bhaskar
  • NACSO – Rick Eggleton
  • Meet the Exhibitors
Day 2
  • How Millionaire CRO’s Create Social Media Video Content – Dustin Ball
  • CFPB Regulator Session – Bryce McNitt
  • Unlocking Growth with Referral Marketing – Ron Howard
  • The Power of Persistence – Rondi Lambeth
  • Building a Compliant Contract – John Diel
  • FCRA & FDCPA – Subhan Tariq
  • Crash Course on Litigation Backed Credit Repair – Aaron Swift
  • FCRA & FDCPA – Ari Marcus
  • FEMA and Credit – Samantha Brann
  • DIY: Is it the Future of Credit Repair? – Rick Eggleton, David Michalek
Day 3
  • Navigating the Future of Student Loans – Betsy Moyette
  • Navigating Arbitration – Reginald Holmes

CreditCon 2023 New Orleans, LA

Day 1
  • Welcome Address by Matt Liistro
  • Compliance by Robby Birnbaum
  • FICO Scoring Fundamentals Part 1 by Gigi Ligons, Joe Ziebert
  • Credit -New Developments in Credit by John Ulzheimer
  • e-Oscar & Metro2 Disputing, Late Payments, Public Records, and Student Loan Tactics by Matt Liistro
  • Auto Repossession Tactics, Breaking a Contract, Collections by Matt Liistro
  • Social Media Marketing by Luscious Barbie
  • NACSO Update by Donna Perkins
  • Meet the Exhibitors
Day 2
  • CreditCon Keynote Address by Matt Liistro
  • Complaint Free World by Will Bowen
  • FICO Scoring Fundamental Part 2 by Gigi Ligons and Joe Ziebert
  • Marketing Testimonials and Reviews by Ron Howard
  • Credit Review by John Ulzheimer
  • FCRA, FDCPA, Arbitraion by Various Attorneys
  • Buy Now Pay Later Trends by Shazia Virgi
  • How VioScore Intends to Disrupt the US Scoring System by Romano Toscano
  • Legislative Effors and Updates by Eric Kamerath
  • Fraudulent Practice in Credit Repair by United States Enforcement Officer
Day 3
  • Student Loans by Bonnie Canty
  • FICO 10T by Gigi Ligons
  • FTC Compliance by Paul Mezan
  • FTC Presentation Follow Up Q&A by Matt Liistro
  • What’s Your Exit Strategy by Chad Kusner

CreditCon 2022 Las Vegas, NV

Day 1
  • Welcome Address by Matt Liistro
  • The Game of Life by Sarano Kelley
  • FICO Scores and More by Julie Wooding
  • Credit – Back to Basics by John Ulzheimer
  • Travel for FREE with Credit Card Rewards by Jason Steele
  • Secrets For How to Help The Unbanked by Merrill Chandler
  • Using Fintech In Your Business by Haziq Ali
  • Business Credit by Flame Newton
  • TSR – What Business Owners Must Know by Robert Sigman
  • Using the FCRA to Supercharge Your Business by Ari Marcus and Yizchak Zelman
  • Secrets of Business Credit Lending by Jeremiah Davis
  • Secrets of Real Estate Investing by Tammy Smith
  • NACSO by Donna Perkins
  • Meet the Exhibitors
Day 2
  • CreditCon Keynote Address by Matt Liistro
  • New Mortgage Score on the Horizon by Mark Calabria
  • A Panel Discussion: New Medical Debt Rules by Francis Creighton, John Ulzheimer, and Dan Deliberty
  • Marketing Testimonials and Reviews by Ron Howard
  • e-Oscar and Metro II by Steve Reger
  • Affiliate Marketing by Tal Tepper
  • The John Ulzheimer Show by John Ulzheimer
  • Federal and State Credit Repair Compliance by Michael Thurman
  • Get Customers on Autopilot by Mark Clayborne
  • Integrate a Virtual Assistant Into Your Business by John Jonas
Day 3
  • The Art of Dissecting a Medical Collection by Michelle Ellwood Peoples
  • The Ever Changing World of Student Loans by Charles Parker
  • Hot New Strategy – Arbitration Tactics by James Wilhite
  • FDCPA a Legal Session by Mike Cardoza and David Ashe

CreditCon 2021 Clearwater, FL

Day 1
  • Credit Repair Compliance Update by Robby Birnbaum, Esq.
  • Propel Your Business by Robert Stevenson
  • Martketing by Dion Delauder
  • Anatomy of a Dispute Letter by Richard Hudson and Steve Reger
  • Credit in Review by John Ulzheimer
  • Meet The Exhibitors
Day 2
  • Meet the New AACCP by Liz Shrum
  • Legislative Update by Eric Kamerath and Michael Claunch
  • Increase Your Sales / Improve Your Life by Anthony Galie
  • The State of Your Data by Francis Creighton
  • Fundability by Merrill Chandler
  • Trends in FCRA Litigation by John Ulzheimer
  • The Great TSR Debate by Robert Sigman
Day 3
  • Magie Cook Story by Magie Cook
  • Business Credit by Ty Crandall
  • Pre-Litigation Credit Repair by Steven Palmieri
  • Niches to Riches and Secrets of Lead Generation by Lisa Warner
  • FDCPA / FCRA Panel by John G Watts, Esq, Mike Cardoza, Esq., Chris Ebert, Subhan Tariq, Esq., Rachel Kugel, Angel L. Lluvet, Esq.

CreditCon 2020 Virtual

Day 1
  • Compliance Session by Robby Birnbaum Esq.
  • Consumer Protection Numbers and Secondary Credit Numbers by Matthew Pannell, Former Social Security Administration enforcer
  • Meet the Exhibitors
  • The Cares ACT/COVID 19 and Credit by John Ulzheimer
  • Automating Your Business by Dion Delauder
Day 2
  • FICO 101 by Julie Wooding of FICO
  • Trends in Credit Litigation by John Ulzheimer
  • Alternative Credit with Ecredable by Steve Ely
  • Investigating Auto Loans from the Litigator’s Perspective by Christina Gill Roseman
  • The State of Your Data by Francis Creighton
Day 3
  • FTC Compliance Seminar by Dan Dwyer
  • What makes the VantageScore different and who uses it by Jeff Richardson
  • CFPB Compliance Seminar regarding consumer reporting and related areas by Jonah Kaplan
  • Credit Repair in Washington Update by Nick Owens
  • NACSO Update by Donna Perkins
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Equifax by Peter Maynard
Day 4
  • The 1099C Cancellation of Debt Form & OIC-Offer in Compromises with the IRS by Michael D. Sullivan, Lucy Petry
  • Credit Session by John Ulzheimer
  • FICO 10/10T and FICO Resilience Index by Julie Wooding and Jerry St. Vil
  • A peak behind the TU curtain by Steve Reger
Day 5
  • Disputing with a POA with Steven Palmieri
  • Factual Disputing with Neal Yeagley
  • Top List Building Secrets Guru’s don’t want you to know by Mark Clayborne
  • Free Daily Credit Reports by Matt Liistro
  • FDCPA/FCRA Panel
  • David Chami Esq., Dan DeLiberty, Esq., Shiva Bhaskar Esq., Greg Gorski Esq., Yitzchak Zelman Esq.

Also Includes

CreditCon 2019 Las Vegas, NV

Day 1
  • Federal and State Compliance Update by Robby Birnbaum, Esq.
  • NACSO by Donna Perkins
  • TransUnion Expert Session by Steve Reger
  • Exhibitor Introductions
  • Business Credit Building by Ty Crandall
  • Auto Repo Removals by Matt Liistro
  • Third Party Disputing Method by Dan Satar
  • Customer Retention by Andre Coakley
  • Social Media Marketing by Lisa Warner Jennings
  • How to Remove a Foreclosure by Matt Liistro
  • How to make sure people listen when you talk by Derrick Harper
  • Dispute Composer Demo by Eric Counts
  • LetterStream Mailing Automations by Marc Cohen
  • SoTellUs Marketing by Ron Howard
  • Student Loan Session by Darren Arronov
  • Engineering a Successful Business by JimarcusBlandin
  • The History of Credit by Chad Kusner
  • X Story by Flame Newton
Day 2
  • Credit and the Macro Economy by Christian deRitis of Moody’s Analytics
  • Get out of Debt Presentation by Mark Sher of Your Family Bank
  • How to Offer Debt Settlement by Teresa Dodson
  • Systemizing Your Business by Derrick Harper
  • Online/Offline Connections and Collaborations by Brandy Thorpe, Elle Williams, Tereka Coney
  • Late Payment Removals by Matt Liistro
  • FDCPA/FCRA Q&A: Ask the Attorneys!
  • Building your Business by Damon DeCrescenzo
  • Inner Workings of CRAs, EOSCAR, & Metro II (includes Dispute and Response Codes and Full 2013 CDIA Credit Reporting Resource Guide) by Dan Sater
  • Sales Mastery by Mark Clayborne
  • How to Spot and FDCPA/FCRA Violation by Stuart Price Esq.
  • Starting a Debt Settlement Company by Teresa Dodson
  • Credit Admiral Software Demo by Matt Liistro and Al Wong
  • Business Credit Repair by Matt Liistro
  • TrackStar Software Demo by Clint Lotz
  • Affiliate Money on Clients Financial Wellbeing by Kelly Wells
Day 3
  • Blockchain Credit Scores by Jesse Leimbruger
  • Compliance Laws by John McNamara of the CFBP
  • Experian Boost, UltraFICO, and the New Financial Date Exchange by Ryan Christiansen of Finicity
  • Content Marketing by Mark Clayborne

Also Includes

CreditCon2018 Washington DC

Day 1
  • Federal and State Compliance Update (includes CFPB form, Credit Services Organizations Chart, IRS 501Q Memo, PERC Report) by Robby Birnbaum, Esq.
  • Legislative aid to Congressman Blain Luetkemeyer by Chris Brown
  • Updates by Nick Owens, Lobbyist at Magnolia Strategy Partners
  • NACSO by Donna Perkins, Jason Kaplan, Chad Kusner
  • FICO Basics and FICO XD Score by Julie Wooding
  • Using Storytelling in your sales pitch by Andrew Linderman
  • Joel Pate Memorial Scholarship by Kelly Wells and Mitzi Pate
  • A Litigator’s view of the Credit Bureaus by Len Bennett, Esq.
Day 2
  • FTC Compliance Presentation by FTC Attorney Adam Wesolowski
  • Getting BBB Accredited by Dick Kelly, Council for the BBB
  • NACSO meets with the CFBP by Donna Perkins, Chad Kusner, and Sandy Northrup
  • The RFI and NOE Tactic by Marc Dann, Former Ohio State Attorney General
  • Credit Scoring Data Scientist by Dr. Pat Nanda
  • Credit Repair Tricks by Edward Jamison, Esq.
  • Credit, Marketing, and Automation by Derrick Harper
  • FDCPA/FCRA by Gary Nitzkin, Esq.
  • Student Loans by Charles Parker and Tracey Thomas
  • Cyber Security by Adam Levin
Day 3
  • FDCPA/FCRA Q&A by Ari Marcus, Esq. of Marcus and Zelman
  • YouTube Mastery by Mark Clayborne
  • Credit Scoring FICO Score vs Scoring Model by John Ulzheimer
  • Credit Expert Summit 5 by Chad Kusner
  • Capital Merchants by Jeremiah Davis
  • UpSell Nation by Tal Tepper
  • New Disputing Methodology by Matt Liistro
  • Credit Expert Panel Q&A
  • Matt Liistro, Curtis Henderson, Donna Perkins, Gabe Kutlin, Mark Clayborne

Also Includes

CreditCon 2017 Las Vegas, NV

Day 1
  • Time Series Payments by Nidhi Verna of TransUnion
  • Update on Compliance by Robby Birnbaum, Esq.
  • Federal Regulations by FTC Attorney Sylvia Kundig
  • BBB Reviews and Ratings by Dick Kelly, Counsel of the BBB
  • How to Outsource by John Jonas of onlinejobs.ph
  • NACSO presentation by Dan Satar and Donna Perkins
  • Credit Legislation by Nick Owens of Magnolia Strategy Partners
  • Student Loan Presentation by Joel Pate of the Student Loan Recovery Plan
Day 2
  • Keynote Address by Matt Liistro of Credit Admiral Software
  • Motivation! By Todd Stottlemyre
  • The Power of Consumer Law by Yitzchak Zelman, Esq. of Marcus and Zelman
  • FICO Score Basics by Julie Wooding
Day 3
  • TCPA Presentation by Sergei Lemberg, Esq.
  • Panel FCRA/FDCPA Bill Behrens, Esq., Gary Nitzkin, Esq., Yitchak Zelman, Esq., John Helstowski, Esq., Sergei Lemberg, Esq.
  • Tactics by Rodney Peak, Credit Specialist
  • FCRA Damages by Doug Minor, Credit Damages Expert
  • Credit Secrets (Includes IRS Tax Lien Withdrawal, Stampoflage) by Matt Liistro
  • Mortgage Pay History by Bill Behrens, Esq.

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Are you ready for the best training in the industry?


Did you miss CreditCon this year?


Here are all of the talks and breakout sessions from this year as well as all years prior.